3 Downfalls of Not Hiring a Coach

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If I’m being honest, getting fit is not that easy. Especially when you add some limitations (such as an injury or a disability) into the mix. Because if it were easy, we would all be in amazing shape without needing any motivation and I (among many other fitness professionals), would not have a job!

Think of it this way; If you were to first time invest your money into something, you would probably hire a financial advisor of some sort. If you were to start learning a new sport like golf or say swimming, you would hire a coach to show you the ropes. Fitness isn’t any different- coaches are there to motivate you, educate you, outline a game plan and set you up for realistic goal crushing.

Keep in mind that there are going to be some ‘not so good’ coaches out there. This rings true for any industry, really. There are even some not so good doctors and surgeons; people that we hold to very high standards when it comes to professionals.

I hear about some of the people that turn their backs on fitness training altogether simply because they had one bad experience or didn’t mesh well with someone they worked with in the past. I feel for those that turn their back on trainers and coaches right away without seeking out a different one first. Here’s why…

Although hiring one can be an investment, often times it’s more expensive to learn something by trial and error than to just invest into getting a mentor or a coach. Below I share with you my top 3 reasons why you may suffer from not hiring a fitness coach:

1.      You could injure yourself or aggravate an already existing injury

Although personal trainers all have different training styles and backgrounds, part of becoming a certified exercise coach is to know basic exercise physiology and how to properly execute exercises with proper form. Keep in mind that trainers have specialties on top of this; ask your trainer before you start to work together what their specialties are. Some specialize in rehab, others in sports conditioning, fat loss, etc. Depending on what you are looking for, it is helpful to find a trainer who has a higher expertise in the area related to your goals. Click here for adaptive workout programs and coaching.

2.      You don’t have constant accountability

A fair number of my clients are quite capable in the gym and can complete their workouts safely without my guidance. Their form is respectable, and they understand basic concepts of the exercises that I prescribe them…that is, if they show up! They utilize me for just that- to make sure they complete their workouts and work hard while doing so.

Studies show that people who attend fitness classes or meet workout buddies are more likely to have consistency with their fitness. Whether you reserved your spot in a fitness class, pay for a session with a trainer or set up a time to meet your workout buddy, you have essentially created accountability for yourself. To have accountability with me once a month, click here.

3.      Not knowing when to change up your routine

A lot of times when someone starts an exercise program (and I see this a lot) they stick with it. For weeks and weeks and months and suddenly, it’s been a year and they are still doing the same routine.

Sound familiar?

There is nothing wrong with this in the sense that it keeps those people moving and gets them to the gym (habit). However, if they expect to see results or changes with their fitness, this is not the answer.

We humans like routine. Actually, it’s not even a choice- we thrive on routine.

There is a fine line; changing the routine enough to challenge our body, but not too much to cause injury or strain in the muscles. A coach has been trained and has experience in doing this, after all it’s their job! Finding a coach who can progress your routine in a safe and effective way is crucial to seeing results.

Whether you are serious on making some healthy changes to your lifestyle or want to start a new fitness routine and are unsure how to start, I highly recommend seeking out some professional assistance. Begin by really looking at what is important to you and match those with the specialties or qualities of what that coach has to offer. Getting fit is challenging all on its own, and if we can make that process easier, we have just increased our chances of succeeding.

Your coach,

Megan Williamson

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