Think You Are Afraid of Failure? Guess Again!

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We’ve all done it: Daydreaming about something you really want to have or achieve.

Do you then take a moment to feel how having that achievement would feel in your body once you got it?

Most likely, no. Like most people, you envision the opposite- what it would be like not to have or achieve it. Our instinct is to first look at what would happen if we did not achieve this vision. In other words, focusing on the negative.

Envision what it looks like.

Too scary? Why?

In my opinion, it’s almost like we have a fear of succeeding. I myself am guilty of this, and it takes some effort for me to really focus on the successful outcome of what I want.

If we can’t see it though, how do we expect to get there?

Sometimes thinking this way can be overwhelming because we aren’t able to pinpoint exactly how we get there. In reality though, the path doesn’t matter. It’s the end goal that matters!

About one year ago, I knew that I wanted to create an online platform to reach more people living with SCI and help them with their fitness goals (Ocean Inside Club). This was a huge goal for me, and I had no idea how I would get there! I knew nothing about online businesses, website building, marketing, or any of that stuff! It was overwhelming to think about.

I soon realized, this didn’t matter. When I kept my focus on my desired outcome, the end result of what I wanted to accomplish- the other stuff all came together and started to fall into place. I could have never predicted how, but it did!

I still to this day visualize how I feel when I get X new subscribers, when a client achieves X goal, or when I get positive feed back from someone in the community.

I visualize it in my body. I feel it, I breath it, I taste it.

I’m going to be honest- this isn’t always easy to do.

It can be scary actually! At first, I was super frightened to think of just how successful something I put my mind to could actually be.

Visualization like this takes time, practice and patience. It really is switching our mindset to focus on the result instead of focusing on the beginning of our path. No matter what the goal, the outcome is where our focus needs to be directed. It will be hard to do at first, especially if we are used to thinking of what we don’t want. But like anything, whether it is adapting a new transfer, learning a new exercise routine, or adding in more vegetables- practice makes perfect.

Try these visualization cues right now while you think of your current goal or future desired achievement:

  • Imagine as if it has already happened. How do you feel? Does it light you up? Do you want to celebrate? Is it something others can watch and see? Is it written somewhere? Does someone break the news to you?
  • Where are you during this achievement? At the finish line? On stage giving a speech? In your first group fitness class? Visualize your surroundings.
  • Are you hungry for more? What does the feeling make you want to do? Is there a next step? A new goal? Does a door open for you?

Don’t be discouraged if this thought process doesn’t happen overnight. It definitely didn’t for me, and I’m constantly working on this mindset. You can write these visualizations down, meditate with them, or even rehearse them in your head. Sometimes reaching out to a support system can help too, or a coach that can guide you further with these techniques (click here to book your live coaching session)

“Stay stubborn about your goals, and flexible about your methods”.

Your coach,

Megan Williamson

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