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What is Ocean Insider Club?

Ocean Insider Club is an online fitness resource for people with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities. It has numerous exercises and dozens of workouts that have all been adapted and tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. The individual exercises and stretches range from using no equipment to gym equipment, thus being performed either at home or at any public fitness facility. Subscribers to Ocean Insider Club also have a chance to schedule a once a month video call with your coach to get even more detailed and specialized with your training programs or to answer any further questions that you may have.

What equipment do I need for OIC?

All exercises listed in OIC can be filtered to be either performed with equipment or without. The most recommended at home equipment pieces are usually relatively low in cost and easily accessible. The full list for recommended at home equipment can be found below:

  • Theraband or band with handles (most recommended)
  • Chest strap (most recommended)
  • Dowel (most recommended)
  • Hooks (for hands) (most recommended if higher level injury) or *Active Hands (see Resource page for Insider discount)
  • Medicine ball (2-6lb)
  • Set of light dumbbells (2-5lb)

Can I join Ocean Insider Club (OIC) even though I’ve never worked out before?

The workouts on OIC range from all different abilities and fitness levels, from beginner to advanced and lower injury to higher level injuries. Each exercise is accompanied by a picture with an explanation on set up and technique. As stated in our Terms of Use, make sure that you have been cleared by your physician before starting any new exercise program.

What if I don’t have access to the equipment required in a certain workout?

Switching out a specific exercise from one of the tailored workouts can easily be done by searching for a different exercise to exchange it with. Simply go to the find an exercise search with the same body part filter as the exercise you are wanting to replace. For example, if you don’t have access to dumbbells for the Dumbbell Chest Press exercise, you can simply search under “chest exercises” and you will find many other exercises to replace it with.

Can I bring OIC (Ocean Insider Club) with me into the gym while I work out?

Absolutely! You can log on and access OIC from your phone and or tablet. Your custom workouts and exercise pages are also printer friendly.

Do I have to complete the warm up suggested in each of the workouts?

The short answer is no, although the prescribed warm ups are highly recommended especially if you are new to exercising. All of the warm ups in Ocean Insider Club are tailored specifically to compliment each exercise program. If you choose to not follow one of the prescribed warm ups, it is highly recommended that you complete a thorough alternate warm up for safety and effectiveness.

How do I book my Trainer on Demand call?

Upon signing up as an Insider, you will be sent a calendar of available time slots for the month in which you can choose from for your 15-minute call. If It is more than 24 hours before your booked call time and you need to change your call, you can always reschedule it to a different time within your subscription month.

What happens if I don’t book my Trainer on Demand call?

Your subscription includes one Trainer on Demand call per month. You have 31 days to book your call from the time you signed up, until your next monthly subscription starts. If you happen to miss your call or you don’t book it for that month, your call will not roll over to the next month. It is recommended to get your call scheduled as soon as you can so that you can reserve a spot that best for you.

What if I need to reschedule my Trainer on Demand call?

Hey, we understand that life happens! You can reschedule your Trainer on Demand call if it is within the 31 days of your subscription start date. It is recommended that you get your call on the calendar sooner than later to avoid a cancelation and missing your call. If your call is scheduled for the last day within your monthly subscription (as in day 31) and you need to reschedule, unfortunately it will not be able to roll over into the next month.

How can I get the most out of my Trainer on Demand monthly call?

The trainer on demand service is to provide you with even more specialized programming depending on your abilities and level of accessibility to equipment. Here are some tips to make sure that you make the most of your monthly call time with your coach:

  • Be ready at your computer or tablet for your call 5 minutes prior to start time to make sure you are ready as soon as your call time begins.
  • Have your question(s) prepared ahead of time.
  • Have someone with you that is able to take notes (if note taking is not accessible for yourself) for any important feedback given from your coach.
  • If you have more than one question or topic you would like addressed within the call, start with your most important one in case the time does not allow for all of them. If the 15 minute call window does not address all of your questions, you can contact to purchase additional Trainer on Demand sessions to your monthly membership.`