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Hi, I’m Megan!

My love and interest in human movement began young. I grew up on Vancouver Island as a classically trained competitive dancer, which eventually led to me teaching my own classes by the age of 14.

Now I primarily coach and facilitate sessions for those that are living with a variety of neuromuscular dysfunctions, including MS and spinal cord injuries.

Why do I do what I do? I am grateful that every day I get be a part of people’s success stories: helping educate and show them that disabilities have no boundaries when it comes to fitness.

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Megan Williamson

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I have been training with Megan for 4 months now and my lower back pain went from lingering to now almost none.

I greatly appreciate her specialized guidance to heal my severe body pain after my fall 2 months ago. With her professionalism and knowledge, I was able to increase my strength and faith to deal with the numbness and tingling sensations of my four limbs.  I’m grateful for Megan’s patience and caring and I definitely would recommend her to my friends.  

Alice Yeung

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